BEGE-103 Solved Assignment 2022-23


BEGE-103 Solved Assignment 2022-23

#Free BEGE103 Solved Assignment 2022-23 for July 2022 and January 2023 Session



Answer all questions.

1. Write short notes on any four (04):

    a) Irony

    b) Paradox

    c) Simile and Metaphor

    d) Oxymoron

    e) Euphemism

    f) Antithesis

2. Explain with examples: 

    a) Dialect

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    b) Accent

    c) Style

    d) Code mixing

    e) Code switching

3. Prepare your Curriculam Vitae in about 250 words.

4. Enumerate the essentials of oral communication at a formal level. 

5. Differentiate between information and communication? 

6. Write a Report on any one of the following: 

    1. Women’s Day celebration in your college

    2. Vaccination Camp organised in your locality

    3. Impact of on-line learning on children

    4. Pollution Drive by the local

7. You purchased an Air Conditioner through Amazon. When installing it, you discovered that air filter is missing. Write a letter of complaint to the relevant person in the organization. 

    o asking how such an error happened

    o stating how this mistake has caused inconvenience to you

    o asserting that you would expect a replacement as soon as possible

8. Outline the few essentials to be kept in mind while taking part in a Debate Competition. 

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